Chair, Associate Professor

MLA, Rhode Island School of Design, 1997

BArch, Kansas State University, 1993

Research Interests:
Drawing and representation of art, architecture, and landscape architecture in the modern landscape; edge boundaries as they relate to the environment, including the landscape and the city; environmental art, including site-specific sculpture.

Co-director, Community Design Lab, Iowa State University Research Park

Email: rogersc@iastate.edu

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/rogersc/

Office: 380 Design

Phone: 515-294-2197





MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1992

BS, University of Tennessee, 1987

Research Interests:
Constructed ecologies, community design and place attachment, research methods

Current Projects: Place attachment and landscape change in disaster recovery, Bird Friendly Iowa, Imagination

Full CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/jmb/jmb-full.pdf

Email: jmb@iastate.edu

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/jmb/

Office: 582 Design

Phone: 515-294-3007





Ph.D Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles

MLA,  University of California, Berkeley, 2006-2013

BLA, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, 1987-1989

Research Interests:

Landscape theory; Landscape representation; Postwar urbanism; Landscape urbanism; Landscape, media, and consumer culture

Research reference

Website: www.miraengl.wordpress.com

CV:  http://docdro.id/DV74PGK

Email: miraengl@iastate.edu

Office: 478 Design

Phone: 515-294-8937



Associate Professor

MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1993

BS, Yale College, 1985

Research Interests:

Historic landscapes and their preservation; landscape architectural history, particularly 1900-1935; late nineteenth and early twentieth century parks and park systems; rural cemeteries; contemporary design criticism.
Research reference

Email: hhohmann@iastate.edu

CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/hhohmann/hhohmann-full.pdf

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/hhohmann/

Office: 577 Design

Phone: 515-294-8938




Associate Professor

MLA, University of Oregon, 1995

BLA, University of Georgia, 1982

Research Interests:

Design and history of communities and neighbors; how the physical design of neighborhoods relates to the quality of social life within them; the back alley’s role in the social life of different kinds of neighborhoods from different cultures and eras

Email: mdmartin@iastate.edu

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/mdmartin/

Office: 579 Design

Phone: 515-294-8974




Senior Lecturer

MRCP, Kansas State University, 1997

MLA, Kansas State University, 1996

BS, Agriculture, Kansas State University, 1993

Research Interests:
Tom’s scholarly and professional interests involve helping non-profit organizations and rural communities address long-range land-use planning, environmental and outdoor educational needs. Tom teaches design studios in the Landscape Architecture, Design Studies and Design programs at Iowa State. Each semester, he finds opportunities for his students to actively engage in real projects so they may have the experience of working closely with community residents, businesses, and stakeholders to address the needs of the community or organization.

CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/tomneppl/tomneppl-short.pdf

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/tomneppl/

Email: tomneppl@iastate.edu

Office: 280 Design




Associate Professor

MLA, Iowa State University, 1997

BS, Environmental Design, North Dakota State University, 1995

BLA, North Dakota State University, 1995

Research Interests:

The role the built environment plays on physical activity and individual health; Public participation in the design and planning process using online multimedia and GIS tools; Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) and civic engagement; Interactive landscape visualization and modeling using GIS and 3D animation;
Research Reference

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-seeger-asla-gisp-018224a

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/cjseeger/

Email: cjseeger@iastate.edu

Office: 280 Design

Phone: 515-509-0651




Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Urban Studies, University of New Orleans, 2012

MLA, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

BLA, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

BA, Philosophy, University of Oregon, 1999

Research Interests:

Benefits of urban design, green infrastructure, and remediation of urban soils to support heterogeneous relationships between people and place, particularly vulnerable populations. Recent research highlights the capacity for youth to appropriate marginal urban space for prosocial gains.
Research reference

CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/bens/bens-full.pdf

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/bens/

Email: bens@iastate.edu

Office: 476 Design

Phone: 515-294-0797




Assistant Professor

MLA, Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon, 2008

BS, Horticulture, Iowa State University, 2002

Research Interests:
Plants, planting design and plant forensics; healthy outdoor environments; therapeutic gardens; prison landscapes; environmental justice and design

CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/jstevens/jstevens-short.pdf

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/jstevens/

Email: jstevens@iastate.edu

Office: 481 Design

Phone: 515-294-6927




Associate Professor

MLA, Iowa State University, 1998

Graduate studies in landscape architecture and restoration sciences, University of California, Berkeley, 1996

BLA, Iowa State University, 1983

Research Interests:

Community design balancing ecological, social, and economic needs; integration of social science theories into design process; effects of landscape change on people; marginalized communities; public open space design; natural resource conservation; landscape reconstruction and management
Research reference

CV: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/mimiw/mimiw-full.pdf

Website Link:  http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/mimiw/

Email: mimiw@iastate.edu

Office: 576 Design

Phone: 515-294-8954




Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Computational Geography, University of Zürich, Switzerland, 1998

MLA Landscape Architecture  Harvard University, 1993

AB Chemistry, English  Bowdoin College, 1986

Research Interests:

Landscape computing. Including 3D modeling of terrain, parametric, computer programming and algorithms, automated machine guidance, geo-design.
Research Reference

Email: cwestort@iastate.edu

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/cwestort/

Office: 480 Design

Phone: 515-294-7011




Associate Professor

PhD Candidate, Design & Planning, University of Colorado, 2010

MLA ,University of Colorado, 2005

MURP, University of Colorado, 2005

BS, General Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, 1993

Research Interests:

Children, youth, and environments; physical activity and the built environment; benefits of gardening, play, & nature; perceptions of risk in recreation and play settings;  representation of nature and landscapes; service-learning; public interest design; community-based planning and design; playgrounds; schoolyard design; learning landscapes (www.learninglandscapes.org); stormwater management; rainwater harvesting; sustainability; designing for health; pedagogy; reflective learning; place-based education; outdoor education curriculum development; land art and installations; poetry of place; visual communication; place attachment; place-making; earthworks; environmental psychology; urban and regional planning; community development; program evaluation; post-occupancy evaluation; mixed-methods and design inquiry; behavior & environment research.
Research reference

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bambilyost

Portfolio: http://archive.design.iastate.edu/FACULTY/FILES/byost/Yost_2009_final_portfolio.pdf

Website Link: http://www.design.iastate.edu/landscape-architecture/faculty/byost/

Email: byost@iastate.edu

Office: 479 Design

Phone: 515-294-5318





Master of Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University, 2013

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, Iowa State University, 2012 B.A. in journalism, minor in art, with honors, University of Montana, Missoula, 1995

B.A. in journalism, minor in art, with honors, University of Montana, Missoula, 1995Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, freshman and sophomore studies in English and art

Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, freshman and sophomore studies in English and art.

CV:   schuckert_CV_F16


Research Interests:

Ecological art, land art, site specific art; making and the physicality of making; design process and representation; native plant communities; landscape ecology; environmental history; culture, natural process and ecological restoration; artful infrastructure; arboriculture, urban forestry, big trees; landscape performance and maintenance; photography and the role of photography in the design process; craft and the loss of craftsmanship; materiality and the role of materials in placemaking; stone and dry stone masonry.

Email: scots@iastate.edu

Office: 380 Design

Mailing address: Landscape Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011




Design Fellow with the Iowa State University Community Design Lab, Design Administration

Mailing Address: Dean’s Office
134 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011


Phone: 515-294-2213
Email: cahunter@iastate.edu
Office: Suite 121 ISU Research Park 2321 N Loop Dr.