Current students’ research stories

Nuo Man

This year I work with Professor Julia Badenhope on design research related to the Community Visioning program.  The Community Visioning Program integrates technical landscape planning and design techniques with sustainable community action to assist community leaders and volunteers in making sound and meaningful decisions about the local landscape. The program empowers local leaders through a planning process that results in a transportation enhancement plan reflecting the values and identity of the community. At the moment we are producing the 2016 Community Visioning Annual Report.

For more information see website:


Austin Dunn

Austin is a Research Assistant with ISU Extension and Outreach for Community and Economic Development, Austin uses GIS to model non-motorized transportation networks and connectivity.

Fangzhuo Miao

Miao has been working as a Research Assistant to professor Julia Badenhope on her Community Visioning research program for two years. This semester he is also assisting Professor Carl Rogers with his undergraduate grading course, LA 381, Shaping the Land.

Wenjuan Feng

Wenjuan is a Research Assistant to professor Carl Rogers in the Community Design Lab, where she is engaged in various projects, including the Coe College and the SW 9th Corridor projects in Cedar Rapids; the Horizons triangle edible garden project in Centerville city park, and “Healthiest Ames Complete Street Project” in Ames, IA.


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