IA ASLA presentation by Austin Dunn,9/19/2017

The third-year MLA student, Austin Dunn gave a presentation about his research at IA ASLA Conference that took place at Jester Park Lodge in Granger, IA on September 19, 2017.
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Austin’s master’s research focuses on the unique formal, environmental, and cultural qualities of trails built on former railroad corridors. Typically understood as a planning endeavor, Austin is exploring rail to trails projects from the human scale perspective, documenting how “moments” are created on the trail using form and space. How can trail designers actively engage with the trail’s context to maximize its benefit and enrich the user experience?
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High Trestle trail bike ride, 9/30/2017

The third-year cohort spent half-day riding bikes on the High Trestle trail as part of their LA 545 colloquium II. Austin Dunn led the event and invited Senior Director of the Iowa Heritage Foundation, Lisa Hein (an alum of our program, class of 1984). Ms. Hein spoke to the group about the process in which the trail was acquired from the Rail company and planned and designed with the local communities. The group rode their bikes from Madrid to Woodward, IA, with occasional stops for discussion along the way.