LA 604X, a second-year studio of MLA program, redesigned and envisioned future development of Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. The final presentation took place in Cedar Rapids with the Coe College and neighborhood representatives as reviewers.
In collaboration with the City of Cedar Rapids, Coe College and neighborhood residents, we envisioned a campus master plan the leads to a design solution for the eastern edge of the Coe College campus that creates a student-centric transition to the adjacent neighborhood and broader community. The project included two major parts:
Part 1: Conceptual Master Pan will be used to identify and understand the existing campus fabric (i.e. buildings, connections, physical character, place making, future uses and branding/identity.)
Part 2: Design & Solution, creating the designs that bring to life spaces and places at the eastern edge of campus, specifically for the student body, but with a permeability that blurs the line between campus and neighborhood. Emphasis will be on designing multifaceted buildings/spaces/places within this transition area.

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