LA 603X is a second year studio. Presentation of the outcome of the studio took place in the Memorial union with faculty and outside critics as reviewers.

The purpose of this project was to propose a set of landscape practices that will support bird populations in the Cedar Falls – Waterloo metropolitan region, in Iowa. The bird population has been affected over time by changes in habitat structure, habitat quality, and land use activities and practices. The local chapters of the Audubon Society would like to work with city officials to propose changes in landscape design, management, and land use so that breeding bird and migratory birds can meet their needs within the region. Our client was the Audubon Society local chapters, as well as the mute avian residents of the region.

Working as a class, we identified a typology of habitat-land use combination  that have the potential to enhance the conservation and generation of bird habitat. We then worked in pairs to develop the programmatic strategies and design for the specific ecological (and cultural) habitats.

Final products included studies of landscape typology and site conditions, and programming and projections for change over time.

Some of our works:

Bird habitat – Wetland Parks:

Bird habitat -Residential savanna


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