October 8th, 2015


From concept to fabrication

In this construction studio students explore the relationships between form, material, and structure and learn about the detail design process, including ergonomic design standards, material properties, joinery, and fabrication. In the process students investigate and evaluate construction joints and fabrication methods, build prototypes, and use the wood workshop to fabricate. Working in pairs, students design a bench that accommodates two people. The bench is built of at least 80% recycled or reclaimed wood and metal.

This course aims to develop a high level of craft and workmanship that expresses design ideas and sound built structure.

IMG_0975    IMG_0976

And the submission day!!!

12079976_10201205376252005_2673602608013620165_o     12080086_10201205376332007_398281737804072646_o

12094760_10201205370411859_5330027065367934583_o     12119980_10201205370451860_1054867134285568863_o

11240779_10201205409012824_2779378345514997638_o     12140114_10201205403372683_5622089439178611589_o

12074613_10201205404572713_4314587193797733906_n      12118889_10201205402012649_5148688167096750804_n

12087284_10201205396852520_5258771534910945015_o      12132549_10201205375211979_2276640727344086227_o

12091440_10201205400292606_5353087966433554314_o      12140870_10201205402412659_7688426485497060097_o

12094838_10201205400092601_9087901480016816283_o      12140879_10201205372371908_4773483141777202768_o

12074723_10201205396812519_1857014581393591546_n      12144942_10201205406852770_3622588908813993499_n


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